• We are truthful with Co-workers, customers and subs
  • We are consistent with each other in decision making
  • We give an honest day's work for an honest day's pay
  • We are encouraged to be creative with ideas
  • We help each other
  • We show respect and appreciation for others' contributions
  • We share information with each other
  • We treat people with respect in all communications
  • We go above and beyond the customer's expectations
  • We create customer delight by doing whatever it takes
  • We listen to our customers
  • We keep customers informed on our progress
  • We check our work and fix our mistakes quickly
  • We do what we say we will do
  • We show up to appointments on time
  • We are prepared
  • We return phone calls
  • We set and meet expectations for work start/completion
  • We teach our core values to new employees
  • We show our dedication to our core values


T&D Distribution is still growing!

T&D Distribution is locally owned by Terry and Glendora Yoder, and operated by President and COO, Brett Hage. Since our inception in February of 2010, we have grown to become the largest building supply distributor in Sumter County. Founded on a set of Core Values, we go above and beyond our customer's expectations. It is a combination of daily execution and culture that makes T&D Distribution different.



Brett Hage, President

Brett Thomas Hage grew up in Orlando, Florida and is a 7th generation Floridian with his family roots planted deeply here in Sumter County. His grandfather, Mike Georgini, and his great grandfather, Thomas Preston Caruthers, along with countless generations, both lived, worked, and served in this community. A strong work ethic with a commitment to family, work, and service here in Sumter County is exemplified in all that Brett does; he lives by the example of his strong heritage that has come and gone before him.

With that being said, Brett is leaving his own mark and creating his own legacy on Sumter County. He is currently the President of T&D Distribution. His unwavering leadership and no nonsense style have given him proven results and success in the work place. Over the last 20 years, he has been the General Manager of NationsRent, Orlando; The Vice President of Volvo Rents, Orlando; Owner of Oxford Throne/Sumter Dumpster; and Vice President at T&D Waste Services.

Living, working, and serving here in Sumter County are a creed by which Brett lives. Being a part of, investing in his community, and giving back are very important to him. He has served the Sumter County Chamber of Commerce as a Board Member since 2013 and was the President in both 2014 and 2015. He continues serving on the board and is the President Elect for 2018. Brett is also a Board Member of the Sumter County Tourism Development Council and has been since 2012. In addition, from 2015 to present, Brett is the current Chairman of the Board for the Sumter County Industrial Development Authority. Finally, he is the current 2017 Vice Chairman of the Board for the Sumter County Zoning and Adjustment Board and has served as a Board Member since 2012.

He is a graduate of Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. He is also a former college athlete who played baseball for his alma mater, the Samford Bulldogs. Brett’s strength in character and his commitment to excellence show strength of his family, his leadership in the workplace, and serves Sumter County well. He is the husband of Candice, dad to Cooper, and son to Mickey and Michelle Hage. Brett recognizes that success is built on having a strong foundation; a foundation that comes from a strong faith in God and a loving family. The strength of those two things combined has attributed to the success and have made Brett who he is today.